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   Mikey pressed his face to the glass of the fish tank at "party petes pet place" his breath fogging up the glass. "Look gerard"he squeaked "theres a black fish with red stripes kinda makes it look emo you should get it.......oh and name it fag!you to could be like brothers both fags!"i rolled my eyes"i dont think you wanna go there mikey". "Whatever"Mikey said walking towards some puppys

  "Exuse me" said a voice from behind me said "may i help you"? i turned around and almost fainted.Behind me was one of the most hottest guys ever seen "no"i mumbled he was probably not even gay. So i told myself to not waste time "are you sure"? he said seductivley he walked closer to me so our foreheads were touching and our lips were inches apart. I decided to wing it and close the space surpisongly he kissed back with enthusisam until i heard a angry voice say "FRANK YOU ARE FIRED GET OUT OF MY STORE NOW"! frank pushed me away and said "awww but the fishys make it all so tempting"he said looking at me then grabing me and pulling us out of the store

"well there goes my job" frank said leaning against the wall next to the store "so whats your name?"Frank asked  "Gerard"i said "mmmi like it im frank by the way if you havent figured out actualy your name kinda makes me horny"he said "well then we could go to my place i have a fishy there too!
they lived happily sexualy after =D my first frerard that i upload
LittleMePinkeyPie Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Perfekt :33
MCRmylifesupport Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
Well now that was pretty damn perfect! :D xoxo Write moar! xoxo
Frankie-Ninja Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
haha i love it ^_^
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